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Does the kitchen have a role to play in company culture?

office kitchen divide

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. As a communal space, the focus on cooking, preparing and eating food creates an emotional connection to it. How then, does this feel extend to offices that have staff kitchens? Every office, from law firms to tech startups and trade businesses, have their [&hellip

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Does my stone worktop need a sealer?

water on granite edge

Store bought sealers are created specifically for different materials, most commonly: granite and wood. They work by being sprayed onto a worktop surface, then once adsorbed they form a protective layer that helps avoid surface discolouration. Sealers are used to make a surface stain-proof, so when you purchase a new stone; or even wood, worktop [&hellip

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How the other half cook: styling a high end kitchen

modern, white and wooden kitchen panoramic photo

Celebrity chefs have been wowing audiences with their stunning (studio/work) kitchens for years now, dominating daytime TV with fabulous meals in modern and magnificent kitchens. Certainly, these fall into the higher end category on home cooking, but what are the key elements that raise your average kitchen to expert heights? Kitchen Gadgetry According to Forbes, [&hellip

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How long do kitchen worktops last?

broken stone pieces

Research suggests that a new kitchen can add value of up to £5000 to your home, and a recent kitchen renovation survey by Houzz showed that 94% of people updating their kitchen will have entirely new worktops fitted. This demonstrates the importance of not only finding the most durable worktop, but also finding the one [&hellip

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5 kitchen interior design trends to watch out for in 2016

yellow kitchen cabinets

Here at Modern Worktops, we know how important design is when choosing a kitchen. Inspired by the trends of 2016, we have compiled our favorite design trends set for this year. 1. Mismatched cabinets Choosing two tonal cabinets is the latest trend for 2016 and breaks away from the all-white kitchen. Contrast a lighter upper [&hellip

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