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How heat resistant are your worktops?

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One of the major benefits of installing a granite or quartz worktop for your kitchen is the durability of those materials. We’ve previously discussed how resilient stone worktops are, as well as how to clean your worktops. However, there’s one other common kitchen question which people regularly ask for advice on – how heat resistant [&hellip

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What should you use to clean your worktop?

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Quartz and granite worktops are a great addition to any home, and are available in a range of colours to suit your personal colour schemes, but cleaning them can sometimes cause confusion. Some people worry about whether to use specialist cleaning tools, chemical cleaners or to simply wipe with a damp cloth to best maintain [&hellip

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Colours to compliment your kitchen

kitchen worktops colour range

Know you want to re-decorate your kitchen but you are not sure what colour choices to make? It is a problem we all struggle with, whether it is what colours are on trend or if our choice will stay stylish for years. At Modern Worktops, we aim to help with these decisions and help you [&hellip

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How to buy a kitchen worktop

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There are several factors to consider when deciding to buy a kitchen worktop, including durability, material, cost and appearance. Because of the pros and cons of each materials, it’s important to consider the practicalities of each, such as maintenance requirements and the needs of your home. Traditional stone: granite and marble Style: Traditional, suited to [&hellip

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Which worktops are best for family kitchens?

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On average, people spend around three years of their life in the kitchen preparing food. So here at Modern Worktops we’re committed to making sure your kitchen suits your needs as a family. If you’re concerned about space, safety and hygiene we’ve got you covered. Stain resistant materials Quartz and granite are perfect for family [&hellip

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