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Get a new kitchen this Christmas

Christmas kitchen table

Christmas is fast approaching and kitchens across the country are preparing for the holiday festivities. The heart of every home, the kitchen will be where Christmas dinners are prepared and cooked ready for celebrations with the families. But is your kitchen ready? The festive season will be the busiest time for your kitchen, and a [&hellip

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Are stone worktops eco-friendly?

It’s difficult to determine the eco-friendliness of any household material, both for construction and in home decor items. Kitchen worktops in many ways cover both areas and have some inherent qualities that make them “green”. Stone, like marble, granite and quartz, is seen as eco-friendly as it is a natural material. But then so is [&hellip

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How to make black worktops work in your home

Black is a very chic and mysterious colour, but the darkness of the colour can put some off using it in their home decoration. However, black lends itself well to interior design when used sparingly, such as in your kitchen worktops. By balancing the design of your kitchen with the various styles of black granite [&hellip

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How to style a modern country kitchen

Country kitchen’s are design with a rustic simplicity. The classic designs have a timeless appeal, aiming to create an inviting and cosy environment where you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Making use of natural materials and light colour schemes, the traditional style can be reproduced in your home using both contemporary and [&hellip

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10 impressive applications of stone in modern construction

The use of natural stones in construction had its start thousands of years ago. Egypt was the first to utilize these resources, extracting blocks of limestone and syenite for the construction of pyramids and pharaohs tombs. The Roman Empire built monuments, sculptures, runways with different types of ornamental rocks. Many of these works stand to [&hellip

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