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How To Create Space In Your Bathroom When You Remodel

The bathroom is typically one of smallest but most used rooms in any home. An efficient and functional bathroom is therefore a must. A well designed room with quality fixtures and fittings will also add value to the property. When it’s time to do some remodelling and home improvement, it is worth taking some time [&hellip

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Guide: Caring For Your Granite Worktops

Granite is one of most sought-after materials for kitchen and bathroom worktops. The natural qualities of beauty, with it’s shiny and vibrant look, strong structure and durability, make it all the more desirable. However, though it is easy to care for, it still requires a minimal amount of maintenance to ensure that it stays in [&hellip

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What are the most hygienic worktop materials?

You might not wonder this often, but when looking for your new countertops you might want to consider how to material you choose affects your ability to keep it clean. Surfaces that are prone to germs and bacteria are not ideal, especially when you are dealing with food preparation. Infections from certain bacteria can lead [&hellip

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How to keep your kitchen worktops streak free

Quartz is an excellent choice of materials for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It offers the same strength and durability advantages as granite, while also being non-porous. This attribute makes it quartz worktops a more hygienic surface. Kitchen worktops, such as granite and quartz, that are smooth and easy to wipe clean can be hard to keep free of stains and [&hellip

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3 alternative home uses for granite worktops

Bespoke kitchens are the dream. With the addition of beautiful surfaces you can put the finishing touches to a kitchen or help overhaul a tired cooking area. Granite worktops and quartz counters are practical yet stylish components for any home, so why limit them to the chopping and washing sides of one room? At Modern Worktops we’ve [&hellip

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