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Why Choose Granite Worktops

One of the first places to start for many people looking to give their kitchen facelift is the worktop – but where to start? What materials and styles would work for you? In this article, we lay out some of the reasons why we think granite worktops are an excellent choice. -Their Look A granite [&hellip

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Four kitchen design styles from around the world

facing wooden house interior, pink bedroom doors and minimalist wooden room

National traditions play a pivotal role in interior design trends across the world. Colour palettes and decorative features are largely influenced by a region’s natural landscape and the day-to-day life of its citizens. But regardless of where you are in the world, the role of the kitchen stays the same – a room that, aside [&hellip

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How to choose kitchen colours with Feng Shui in mind

open white kitchen with wooden draws on counter cupboards and a lime green back wall

When designing your perfect kitchen, colour scheme will certainly be on your mind. However, as important as the aesthetic is to many people, for some the vibes are equally as fundamental. Feng Shui is the Chinese thought system, art and science which governs spatial arrangement to encourage the flow of certain energies. When used in [&hellip

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Does the kitchen have a role to play in company culture?

office kitchen divide

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. As a communal space, the focus on cooking, preparing and eating food creates an emotional connection to it. How then, does this feel extend to offices that have staff kitchens? Every office, from law firms to tech startups and trade businesses, have their [&hellip

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Does my stone worktop need a sealer?

water on granite edge

Store bought sealers are created specifically for different materials, most commonly: granite and wood. They work by being sprayed onto a worktop surface, then once adsorbed they form a protective layer that helps avoid surface discolouration. Sealers are used to make a surface stain-proof, so when you purchase a new stone; or even wood, worktop [&hellip

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