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Arenastone Quartz

Arenastone is an Italian brand, man-made from quartz and a binding resin. It is impacted under great pressure to produce a high density material that is incredibly strong, non-porous, low maintenance and hygienic.

Arenastone has high resistance to shock, abrasion and acid agents make it an exciting product especially suited for kitchen worktops, bar areas and vanity tops.

Their aim to make their quartz worktops look as natural as possible without compromising on the quality offered from binding with a resin. This results in a product that has the perfect balance between a luxurious look and feel as well as fantastic durability, resistance and ergonomic value..

Arenastone quartz worktops are ideal for your kitchen , bathroom  and bar tops. A wide range of colour options are available and consistency of colour is maintained throughout the engineered stone. Modern Worktops have a great variety of Arenastone to suit differing requirements and would love to talk to you about these products. So for more information on our Arenastone and queries on pricing please get in touch with us today.

For enquiries call – 07842 555736