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Produced with advanced Italian technology, quartz worktops brand Cimstone is made up of 93% quartz and 7% polyester resin binder and pigments. Due to the toughness of quartz Cimstone has a high scratch and abrasion resistance meaning it is not marked by knives or other objects.

Cimstone is produced in a variety of different colour and texture alternatives, as well as a range of special effects by use of additions like pieces of mirror, seashell, glass, brass rasping and basalt. This can give a fantastic and distinctive edge to your surfaces.

The natural sheen of quartz kitchen worktops and the low water absorption of Cimstone means a worktop that is easy to clean and highly stain resistant. It does not require any additional polishing, saving you both time and money and ensuring a surface that you know will last.
Modern Worktops are pleased to provide a range of Cimstone quartz worktops and would love to talk to you about these products. So for more information on our Cimstone and queries on pricing please get in touch with us today.
Kitchens and bathrooms now shine beautifully with Cimstone worktops reflecting the mastery of quartz.
For enquiries call – 07842 555736 
Click here to view more colour samples.