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Curves &

Worktop Thickness

Not only do we have a large range of colours to choose from, but allow you to select the desired thickness of your granite worktops or quartz surfaces according to your needs.

The standard and most common size of worktop is 3cm deep. However, we appreciate that you may have different ideas for your home and can cater for the more slim and sleek or chunky and solid looks.

You can even give your home a unique feel by incorporating kitchen worktops of different depths throughout the room. For instance, having a chunky, thicker look all round but with the hob set into a thinner surface helps set apart the cooking area from the preparation areas.

We are more than happy to discuss and help you in choosing the right worktop for your home.

Drainage Grooves

If you have opted for an under-mounted sink as part of your design, then a really nice feature to compliment this is the choice of drainage grooves cut into your granite or quartz surface.

We will cut and polish drainage grooves into your chosen worktop with a gradual slope down towards the sink to prevent flooding of your surfaces. Depending on your sink and desired size of drainage area we will usually cut 4 or 6 grooves into your surface to achieve effective results.

We can shape the drainage area to suit your requirements; you may like curved drainage grooves to fit in with a certain section of worktop, or perhaps you’d prefer them to be kept simple and cut straight. We are happy to listen to your needs and cut the drainage grooves as desired.

If you would like more information or advice about drainage grooves, we shall be pleased to talk to you so give us a call.

Heat Protection

Quartz and granite worktops are highly resistant materials and are great at withstanding knocks and scratches as well as heat to a certain extent. Although they are generally heat proof, being able to hold a hot pan for a short while or resist hot coffee stains for instance, this does not necessarily mean you should place hot items straight on to the surface for longer periods of time.

To prolong the life of your worktop we advise that you take care not to over-push its resistance to the limits. A solution to provide extra heat protection for your granite or quartz worktops is the use of hot rods.

You can purchase hot rod grids that are free to move around your kitchen easily and use where desired to place your pans or other hot items so they are not directly touching the work surface.

Another alternative is the use of self-adhesive hot rods, which can be stuck on to your worktop in a specific location. These provide the same protection as the hot rod grids but are not moveable.

If you are looking for any advice in choosing a heat protection solution feel free to contact us and we shall be happy to help you.

Curves & Bends

Modern Worktops have been installing worktops since 1991 and are no strangers to weird and wonderful shapes and designs requested by our customers. We have cut and shaped thousands of unique worktops to fit differently designed kitchens and feel they have really added a touch of style and personality to the homes.

Using high quality CNC machinery engineered from Scandinavia, we will cut and shape your worktops with care and precision. So whether it’s curves and bends, sweeping lines, curved edges or oval shapes for sinks that you’re after, we will happily shape your granite or quartz accordingly.

If you need some help and advice in the designing of your quartz or granite worktops, we are always pleased to discuss and offer our expert guidance and assistance to ensure you achieve the right look for your home. We can also provide a free, no obligation quote for your designs or ideas, so don’t hesitate to call.

Undermounted Sinks

As well as the choice of shape, colour and thickness of granite or quartz worktops, you will find yourselves with different options when it comes to your type of sink and how it will sit within the chosen worktop.

One possibility is the traditional standard sink where the sink’s lip will sit on top of the work surface. An alternative and very popular choice with quartz and granite worktops is an under-mounted sink. Sitting beneath your surface, it creates a more continuous look and feel to the worktop.

For your under-mounted sinks we can recommend:

The World’s foremost kitchen sink manufacturer renowned for their commitment to quality and an unmistakable flair for design, using the finest materials and state of the art production technology.

Recognised worldwide as a market leader in the manufacture of kitchen sinks, kitchen taps and accessories, supplying award-winning, innovative yet practical solutions for over 25 years.

We are happy to advise you on the best choice of sink for your design, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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