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Upstands run along the wall at the back of your worktop and join the granite worktops or quartz worktops a bit like a skirting board would run along the bottom of a wall, meeting the floor.

Most upstands are usually between 5cm and 10cm high but this is simply a guideline. If you have another size in mind then we are more than happy to meet your requirements.

If you have a window sill that sits above your new worktop, a popular choice is to have the window sill in the same quartz or granite that you selected for your work surfaces and join these up with an upstand. This creates a nice continuous look and gives a consistency to the design of the room.

For help on how you can incorporate upstands within your kitchen or bathroom design please get in touch with us to discuss this.

Splash Backs

Another additional feature available is the incorporation of Splash Backs into your design. This is a piece of granite or quartz positioned on the wall to give protection from those splashes and spillages caused from cooking.

Splash backs are commonly used behind the kitchen hob and behind the sink. We are able to cut and shape your splash backs to the desired size, whether this be a full height piece going right up to the cupboards or a smaller and less obtrusive piece.

For help and advice on how these can be incorporated into your design, including sizing and positioning, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss some options with you.

End Panels

A nice feature that we can offer as part of your design is the use of end panels. These are installed at the same time as your stone kitchen worktops and are fitted on the end of your kitchen cupboards to give a complete and finished look.

You could opt to have your end panels in the same style as your work surfaces so that a continuous look is achieved. Alternatively, you may want to choose a different colour that compliments the rest of the design. We are happy to incorporate your desired piece and offer our own advice on what may work in your room.

Having end panels installed can mean that worktops need to be cut to a different length, so these cannot always be added at a later date. It’s best to plan your design carefully before any installation takes place so that you ensure you get what you require form the design.

We are here to help and offer guidance on how to incorporate end panels into your design so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sinks & Taps

With quartz and granite worktops commonly used in the kitchen or bathroom, chances are you’ll require a new sink or taps that compliment your newly designed room. These can really effect the overall look of your design and bring a nice finishing touch to your stone worktops.

We know that there is a vast range of different sinks and taps to choose from, so if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the choice on offer we are here to help and advise on which may be suitable for your needs and accompany your new worktops nicely.

If you are unsure of where to start your search for sinks and taps we can recommend:


The world’s foremost manufacturer of kitchen sinks who are well known for their commitment to quality and unmistakable flair for design, using state of the art production technology and the finest materials.


Astracast® have recognition worldwide as one of the market leaders in kitchen sink, kitchen taps and accessories manufacture. For over 25 years they have been supplying solutions that are both practical as well as innovative and award-winning.

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