Pros and cons of granite kitchen worktops

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Grey granite worktops

Here at Modern Worktops, we understand that investing in a set of granite worktops can be quite the undertaking. We want our customers to be aware of all the benefits and possible pitfalls from installing granite countertops in their kitchen, to make the decision easier for them.

Here are some of the pros and cons of granite kitchen worktops.


Granite worktops look good

There’s no denying it. Let’s be honest, it’s most likely the reason you’re thinking of getting them in the first place. Each slab of granite is unique, having its own whorls, lines, colours and patterns, ensuring nobody else’s kitchen surface will be quite like yours. There are dozens of distinct shades to choose from to complement the rest of your kitchen.

They are durable

Treated with care, a set of granite worktops will last you a lifetime. While not unbreakable, it will take some serious effort to scratch or scuff a granite surface.

They are stain and heat resistant

Granite is a practical material for kitchen surfaces, being resistant to both heat and stains – two things that come hand-in-hand with a busy kitchen. 


They can be porous

While a granite worktop is resistant to stains, that’s only when it’s been sealed. Poorly sealed granite can easily absorb liquids such as wine, oil or juice, resulting in a long-term stain. This can be easily avoided by having your worktop professionally resealed once a year.

Cold to touch

A common complaint this one, though we personally like the cold sensation of granite against our fingertips. It’s another issue that can be easily resolved, this time by applying a stick-on warming mat under your kitchen top.

They are costly

Yes, they are. Compared to other materials like laminate, wood, or synthetic marble, real granite is expensive. However, it is a luxury item, requiring professional workers to mine, shape and install it, so the heftier price tag is, perhaps, to be expected.

If you live in Essex, Hertfordshire or London and want to know more about granite worktops, get in touch with Modern Worktops today. We will discuss your specific requirements and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.