Are Quartz Worktops a Good Choice for a Small Kitchen?

By March 23, 2022 No Comments
Quartz kitchen worktop

When choosing the right material for your kitchen worktops, there are certain things you need to consider and size is definitely one of them. If you only have a small kitchen, you want to make the most of the area available to you. This means avoiding dark colours that make the room seem even smaller, while choosing a material that adds style and value. Here at Modern Worktops, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to making the most of your kitchen surfaces, and quartz stone is one of the best materials for a smaller kitchen area. Here are just some of the reasons why. 

Smaller slabs

When it is cut, quartz stone tends to come in smaller slabs than natural stone products. This makes it better suited to use in smaller kitchens. While granite and other materials can be cut to size, you may end up wasting material in the process. Likewise, using quartz stone on a larger kitchen can result in seam lines, as the individual slabs might be too small to cover the entire surface. 

Light Colours

Quartz stone tends to be available in more lighter colour options than other types of stone worktops, which is an advantage in a smaller kitchen. Light worktops make the room seem larger than it actually is, especially if you coordinate those colours with your splashback or wall tiles. Quartz can also be customised with other colours to produce interesting patterns as a focal point, letting you get the most of your small area. Here are some examples of the beautiful light colours you can choose from. 

Low Maintenance

Quartz is non-porous, which makes it more resistant to staining – an absolute must in any modern kitchen. This means that it does not have to be sealed like some natural stone alternatives, and that it can be cleaned with any kind of mild, non-abrasive cleanser. 


While quartz worktops are a luxury item, they offer a significant return on investment, particularly if you’re using them in a smaller kitchen. Quartz stone is man-made, meaning it can be tailored to your particular requirements and, unlike natural stone surfaces such as marble and granite, the design consistent, creating a more uniform aesthetic. Since you need less material in a smaller kitchen, you can afford to invest in an affordable (and exceptional) quartz solution. 

Hard Wearing

Quartz stone is hard, tough, and resilient. It can withstand heat, is resistant to staining, completely waterproof, and scratch-resistant. While we don’t recommend chopping ingredients without a protective board underneath, that’s more for matters of hygiene than the risk of damaging your worktop. Here at Modern Worktops, we supply and install quartz worktops of the highest quality for our customers across London, Essex, and Hertfordshire. If you have a smaller kitchen that you want to improve with the addition of a beautiful quartz stone worktop, give us a call today on 01992 721802 for a free, no-obligation quote.