Colours to compliment your kitchen

By January 10, 2016 November 15th, 2021 No Comments

Know you want to re-decorate your kitchen but you are not sure what colour choices to make? It is a problem we all struggle with, whether it is what colours are on trend or if our choice will stay stylish for years. At Modern Worktops, we aim to help with these decisions and help you select the right worktop for your home.

Inspired by Nature

Natural colours are not just browns and greens, there is a world of colour to play with. Branch out from wooden browns and moss green into a warm reds and yellows.

Inspired by an African sunset, mix your kitchen with the warming colours of red, brown and orange with the Cosmos Black Stargate granite worktop. These gorgeous colours blend beautifully together, broken up by the jet black countertop. Apply a muted mocha paint across your kitchen, leaving one feature wall to paint in a mild crimson. For an extra splash of colour, tiled burnt orange along any wall space running between the countertop and upper cupboards adds a very modern and is easy to clean when the inevitable food splashes occur.

For less bold tastes, take influence from a frosty winter’s morning in the forest. Start with our beautiful Cosmic Black granite, the white ripple throughout gives an impression of texture and definition. Light, mocha coloured or slightly blue units add a crisp, fresh appeal and then paint your walls with a damson hue to lighten the kitchen.

If you’d prefer to add more depth into the kitchen, choose the darker shade of plum for elegance. Choosing an End panel to cover any exposed unit ends would be the perfect touch to complete room.

Triggered by food

Base your kitchen around the food you cook in it. Think of the various shades of brown in a chocolate gateau. Use chestnut, hazelnut and praline shades across your kitchen walls, either stick with one or use all three depending on the size of the room. For small kitchens, the lighter shade of perfect praline creates the impression of a bigger room, whilst for larger kitchens, a darker hazelnut truffle looks stunning between a countertop and the units.

Intense chestnut works well as a feature wall, or if you’d prefer a completely new colour, Roasted red fits well without detracting attention from the rest of the kitchen. To finish, the speckled  Bianco Carrara countertop from our Quartz range completes this colour scheme well and is easy to clean, so will not stain over time.  

Encouraged by Seasons

Seasonal colourings reflected in a home are on trend and there is a wide range of colour combinations to choose from. If you’ve chosen a lighter coloured countertop, like the River White granite, try experimenting with light, spring and summer hues. Based on beach shores, crisp blues of Mineral Mist and Pretty Peacock look fresh and bright when contrasted together and additional tiling of glass mosaic white tiles in the empty spaces around your oven and cupboards adds an element of luxury and shine.  

Darker countertops are nicer with more autumnal colour schemes to create a warmer, cosy kitchen atmosphere. Partner the Quartz Cafe countertop with a Volcanic red wall colour and crisp white units. The warmth of the red keeps the kitchen feeling homely, whilst white cupboard units is in-keeping with modern trends. For an extra twist of modernity, complete with polished chrome handles and appliances for the ultimate kitchen makeover.