Cost of Granite Worktops

By March 12, 2014 August 5th, 2016 No Comments

At Modern Worktops we take care of each and every aspect of your worktop projects ourselves, without the use of middle-men and outsourcing work. We work directly with the importers of granite, cut and shape at our workshop in Essex and install in your home with a quick turnaround time. This allows us to keep the cost of granite worktops as low as possible, without compromising on quality.

Granite kitchen worktops prices will vary depending on sizes and number of pieces required for your design. The smaller the worktop and the less pieces needed, will obviously cost less than a larger surface that may require several pieces to create. Other factors that affect the price of granite worktops include the shaping and design of the surface edges, the thickness of the worktop and choice of colours. The more customisation to a piece of granite, the more you will be looking at paying for the design.

Although the granite worktops price is often initially more expensive than other worktop alternatives, it will prove to be a cost effective solution in the long run, due to its excellent properties that render it perfect for regular and heavy use, such as its longevity and durability, and the minimum maintenance required. Our affordable range of granite has been designed in order to bring a selection of fantastic work surfaces to those wishing to keep the cost of granite worktops down, whilst remaining confident they won’t be compromising on quality.

As each kitchen or bathroom design and work surface are unique, granite worktops prices will differ for each of our customers. We encourage you to fill out our free online quote enquiry form, or give us a call, for an idea on how much your granite worktops will cost.

Been quoted a price already? We will beat any price, bringing our expertise and quality services to your design with the best price granite worktops. Just send us the quote you’d like us to beat and we’ll be more than happy to help. For more details and assistance on prices and cost of granite worktops, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.