How heat resistant are your worktops?

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One of the major benefits of installing a granite or quartz worktop for your kitchen is the durability of those materials. We’ve previously discussed how resilient stone worktops are, as well as how to clean your worktops. However, there’s one other common kitchen question which people regularly ask for advice on – how heat resistant are granite and quartz worktops?.

Granite, Quartz and Heat

Granite melts at roughly 1260°C, so the chances of any serious structural damage being done to your worktop are minimal. There is also little risk of burning a granite counter under a hot pan. If a pot is left there for an extended period of time, however, there could be a small risk of the heat cracking the granite, which is an extremely difficult problem to repair.

Quartz actually has a higher melting point – 1300°C – but unlike work surfaces made from granite, quartz worktops are man-made. They are primarily quartz – 90% or so – but the remainder is made from polymers, resin and colouring, which gives a shinier finish to the material and makes it more scratch- and heat-resistant than natural quartz.

However, unlike granite, engineered quartz worktops are susceptible to burn marks, should you leave hot kitchenware on top of it for too long. So while you could leave your quartz worktop unprotected, it would be advisable to take some precaution in case of burning.

How to protect your worktops

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you have to forever fret about cracking or burning your brand new worktop. There are a couple of solutions which are inexpensive, but priceless for maintaining the quality of your stone counters.

Many homeware stores sell trivets, which are movable metal grids on which you can rest your hot pans and pots without risking any damage to your worktops or chopping boards – be they wooden or plastic. You could also invest in a set of self-adhesive worktop protectors (or hot rods), which you can apply anywhere on your counter to reduce the chances of cracked or burned stone.

If you have any further questions about how to heatproof your worktop, feel free to get in touch with Modern Worktops via email or phone, and we will be happy to discuss it further.