Adding a Focal Point to an All-White Kitchen

By March 16, 2021 No Comments

An all-white kitchen is more trendy than before; a timeless and classic look. When you’re on the quest to design the perfect kitchen, many of us are tempted to go all out and pick the most eye-catching materials and furnishing available. But there’s always a catch when you’ve outdone the design with too many focal points, you’re left with a busy jumble of items and features that compete with each other to stand out, and this may overwhelm the look of your kitchen.

A better approach is to be selective with your focal points and focus on less. Ideally, one or two should suffice. Invest a fair amount of your budget in those areas and let other elements naturally support those choices, both visually and budget-wise. Here are some creative ways to add a focal point to an all-white kitchen.

Add a bold colour contrast

If you find yourself just craving more contrasting colours to offset the sea of white, go for it and add a splash of dark colours like steel grey or cosmic black for a change. Whether this involves choosing a different tone for the kitchen island, painting small segments of your kitchen cupboards or changing the colour of the worktop counter will change the feel of the room, almost like a complete renovation but with little effort.

Implement an eye-catching splashback

Splashback designs are often neglected when considering kitchen design and renovations. Sure, a splashback serves to protect the walls from liquid splash, food and moisture. However, it can also function as a decorative piece to go with an all-white backdrop. 

Applying texture  

Bold and vibrant colour isn’t the only way to create a focal point in a kitchen. The texture is another neglected design element, so if you want the room to stand out even more, then it’s a great idea to add variety to your walls, cupboards and worktops with texture. It’s a small and subtle addition, but this physical alteration adds more depth to a minimalist design.

Natural materials

Gone are the days when most worktops were bland and used only one type of material. There is so much selection of materials to give your worktop a much-needed upgrade. Exciting and innovative countertops are all the rage these days for modern and classic styled kitchens, so why not use them to create an interesting focal point in your kitchen? If you fancy adding a grey tone, upgrade it using materials like marble, slate, or quartz. Incorporating textures of natural stones adds a new layer of character and atmosphere to the whole kitchen space.

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