Granite Splashbacks and Ends

By June 16, 2021 No Comments
white kitchen interior

Applying the right design and function for your kitchen isn’t just about picking the perfect colours, using the suitable material, or choosing the best appliances. It’s also about ensuring that the aesthetics of the whole space is visible from day one, and you won’t have trouble appreciating its beauty for many years. There’s no better way to do this than installing or upgrading to a granite kitchen splashback.

So what are splashbacks?

You can think of splashbacks as additional decorative upstands. Instead of settling for an average plain-looking kitchen splashback, why not upgrade to a modern decorative splashback piece that can enrich your kitchen? Granite splashbacks are more prominent and thicker pieces of either quartz or granite installed behind your hob to protect your wall from oil and water stains. Our granite material upgrades will blend in seamlessly with your kitchen worktop and create a gorgeous and unified composition within your kitchen by replacing an ordinary protection tile.

Flexibility in upgrades / replacements / colours

For many decades, granite has been utilised in countless construction projects and significant buildings in history. It remains a prevalent option for those looking to bring timeless beauty to their kitchen. There are numerous styles, patterns, materials and an array of colours to choose from, so there’s plenty of reasons to upgrade and replace them after a few years. Maybe you fancy a black granite splashback that goes with your black granite worktop? No problem. Perhaps you want to mix and match? There are white sparkle granites, plain white, grey, and more.

Granite End panels

An End panel is an additional feature that furthers the continuity design with your splashback and worktops. End panels, also known as downturn or gable ends, are extension pieces that can be fixed and installed at the end of your kitchen cupboard sides. Although they are optional, End Panels are trendy choices as they add a contemporary finish to your new granite splashback and worktops. Our Granite end panels are best installed simultaneously as the worktops, so most of our clients opt for both to save time and installation cost.

There’s plenty of options to choose from when picking the colours and materials of your splashbacks, worktops, and end panels. Whether you decide to have coordinated colours or opt for contrasting colours to add more character, this decision is entirely up to you. Our team will guide and support you during the decision making process and installation procedure. For further guidance or enquiries, make sure to get in touch with us on 01992 721802 or today. Our friendly team of professionals will be more than happy to assist you.