Get a new kitchen this Christmas

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Arenastone quartz worktop

Christmas is fast approaching and kitchens across the country are preparing for the holiday festivities. The heart of every home, the kitchen will be where Christmas dinners are prepared and cooked ready for celebrations with the families. But is your kitchen ready?

The festive season will be the busiest time for your kitchen, and a tired kitchen will start to show its age. When kitchens are old and dated, the idea of having a house full of dinner guests quickly becomes a stressful nightmare rather than a picture of bliss.

The battle of Christmas dinner is difficult enough without the added hassle of standing in the middle of a bustling kitchen holding a hot roasting tray in the desperate search for available worktop space.

Does this sound like you? Then it’s not too late to to get your kitchen ready in time for Christmas. Gain extra worktop space and refresh old surfaces with a new granite or quartz countertop, transforming the appearance of your home without the hassle of a entire refurbishment.

When can your new kitchen be completed?

At Modern Worktops, you can design your perfect kitchen from a range of different colours and styles. Call to book a consultation before Christmas. The specialist team will help guide you through designing your kitchen, and if your choice is immediately available, Modern Worktops can guarantee fast installation in 1 day.

Modern Worktops manufacture, supply and install all kitchen surfaces, cutting out the middle man and ensuring your kitchen will be completed smoothly and quickly. It’s time to get your new kitchen ready for Christmas dinner this year and many years to come, but book in advance to avoid disappointment.

What to consider:

Which material is best

For longevity and the air of luxury, granite worktops are ideal new kitchen worktops. Strong, resistant and hard-wearing, granite is a statement piece with a variety of polished stone colours. With care, granite will last a lifetime and is definitely a worthy investment.

Quartz offers similar attributes as granite, yet it is not as porous, making it a more hygienic surface, easy to wipe down. Durable and stylish, quartz is an ideal substitute to granite and may be more suitable to busy family life as it is less likely to stain.

What colour choices

Colour schemes are very important when choosing your new worktop. Your kitchen is the hub of your home, therefore the colour scheme should be unique to you.

For a warm, inviting atmosphere, deep browns and burgundy colours work well together. ‘Coffee Brown’ granite is a perfect colouring for a warm, traditional kitchen, which blends well with lighter or darker shades of coffee.

For extra guidance choosing complimentary colours, colour palettes from paint and DIY stores are excellent for working out colour combinations without wasting money. Add an extra sense of style with a wallpapered feature wall and brass cupboard handles to compliment the worktop.

If modernity is more your style, aim for precision with an ’Absolute Black’ granite worktop with upstands, finishing with chrome taps and drawer handles for a stylish cooking space. Contrasting white walls give a crisp, clean feel, whilst more impact can be created with brighter colours, such as a Citron yellow or Blazer red.

For something more on-trent, opt for one of the  key colours of 2015: Breakfast Room greens. A calming and stress-relieving colour, green is fresh and bright without being garish and overpowering. It also blends well with most coloured worktops, but exudes elegance when paired with our Bianco Sardo granite.

How much counter space can you manage

When choosing a new countertop, it is important to remember to measure how much countertop space you require. Your outdated counters can be replaced with luxury new workspaces, with a variety of options for design, including curved edges and undermounted sinks

You might also want to consider a splashback panel above the oven to avoid cooking spills on your walls. An upstand rim around the worktop can form a stylish border to your worktop and end panels running down the side of exposed units can transform the feel of a dated kitchen.

If there is wall space, why not add a brand new worktop and create a breakfast bar? Wall mounted breakfast bars are surprisingly easy to install. The granite worktop is mounted to the wall using supporting frames underneath to place the bar along the wall, or run into the centre of the room.

If space is limited, another fantastic design feature is adding an overhanging worktop to existing exposed unit, which expands the surface area and creates a table: perfect for family breakfasts or transforming a kitchen into a casual dining space, ideal for Christmas gatherings.