Which worktops are best for family kitchens?

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family kitchen

On average, people spend around three years of their life in the kitchen preparing food. So here at Modern Worktops we’re committed to making sure your kitchen suits your needs as a family. If you’re concerned about space, safety and hygiene we’ve got you covered.

Stain resistant materials

Quartz and granite are perfect for family worktops, and there are some very affordable options of both of these materials. But which one is more family friendly?

Granite is extremely strong, hard-wearing and resistant to damage from knives and hot pans, so it works well in most kitchens. But if you have young kids we would usually recommend quartz, which is a more hygienic option. This is because our quartz worktops are a blend of raw quartz stone and resin, which means that any mess or spillages can wiped away more easily.

Heat-proof surfaces

If your family do a lot of cooking and baking you might need somewhere for things to cool off safely, out of reach of little fingers.

At Modern Worktops, we provide self-adhesive hot rods that can be mounted on your worktop in designated areas. Not only will this make baking safer and more convenient, but it will also prolong the life of your worktop.

Curves and bends

If you have a family or you’re about to start one, you may feel sad about having to wave goodbye to the clean, crisp edges of your kitchen worktop. But you don’t have to sacrifice form for function.

Curved edges can be both stylish and useful. Sharp corners can be a safety hazard, while curves minimise the risk of bumps and bruises. They are also a more durable option, less prone to scuffs and rarely, chips.

Accessible Areas

If you are having new units fitted you may want to consider how accessible this space is for the entire family. Accessibility is particularly important to consider if members of the family are wheelchair users. In this case, you can buy units specifically designed for a wheelchair to tuck in beneath. These units are usually the height of a dining table and we can provide custom worktop widths, depths and thicknesses to accommodate the wheelchair and user without taking too much of your valuable floor space.

If you have specific requirements, or any questions about our bespoke service, why not get in touch? Whatever your family’s needs, we pride ourselves on helping you find the perfect kitchen worktop to pass the test of time.