Incorporating Dark Colours into Your Kitchen Design

By September 2, 2020 No Comments
kitchen interior

The traditional British kitchen is normally portrayed as one of airy brightness. We picture sunshine glinting off gleaming white tiles, sparkling chrome sinks, and charmingly worn pine furniture.

It’s a classic image to be sure but, as with most things, times and fashions change in the world of kitchen design. Dark colours offer a chance to mix things up in your kitchen, incorporating charcoal greys, deep browns, and black shades.

But how do go about it?

Restrain yourself

When you have an idea for a colour scheme, your first instinct is to go all in. Most of the time, we would agree with that! However, when introducing dark colours, you need to hold back a little bit. While blacks, greys, dark blues, and browns are both eye-catching and appealing, they can make small kitchens look even smaller. The trick is marry your dark colour scheme with lighter areas, to give an impression of shadow and shade.

Accent areas

The easiest way to achieve this effect is to choose one or two key areas in the kitchen that you can use as accent spaces. By replacing these with darker materials, you instantly draw focus to them, without compromising on how large the room feels as a result. Granite kitchen worktops, for example, come in several shades of smokey grey and, taking up the whole of your work surface, will certainly dominate the room. Quartz kitchen worktops serve a similar purpose, with many having a lighter coloured natural vein to offset the overall darkness of the material.

Give it some shine

A good kitchen design is all about contrast. If you choose a dark worktop, counterpoint it with some lighter touches elsewhere. A shining copper sink, for instance, or chrome-plated appliances really stand out against such a dark surface.

At Modern Worktops, we have a wide choice in granite and quartz kitchen worktops that can add a delightfully dark twist to any kitchen. For more information, call us on 01992 721802 to discuss your specific requirements.