Kitchen Trends for 2020

By June 10, 2020 No Comments
Stone worktops

With summer well on its way and the easing of lockdown restrictions reopening our favourite DIY and homeware stores, there’s never been a better time to renovate or redecorate your kitchen.

Here are five of the most popular trends in kitchen design today.

Stone worktops

We’re glad to see that stone worktops are back in a big way. They are hard-wearing and luxurious, adding instant style to any kitchen. There are so many types of stone to choose from as well. Many favour granite worktops for their simplicity, while others are choosing marble or quartz worktops for their unique veining and stratification.

Vibrant accents

Giving your kitchen a splash of colour is all the rage in 2020. Sticking with the classic white look for most of the room remains popular, so long as you accent it with a brightly coloured splashback, or a contrasting set of kitchen cupboard doors. Choose whichever colour you like, so long as it catches the eye – have a little fun with it.

Handleless cupboard doors

2020 is all about minimalism of function, which is why handleless cupboard doors are in such demand. Whether you operate them with a push-open and close mechanism, or with the less technological, but equally effective recessed door handles, the effect remains the same. Sleek, stylish, and beautiful to look at.

Statement taps and sinks

If you’re going to make a statement, why not make it with the kitchen sink? An often ignored part of your kitchen fittings, there’s no reason the sink shouldn’t stand out. Nothing is off limits. A soapstone farmhouse sink? Why not? A brass basin and free-flow taps? Of course! Whether you go rustic, clinical, or steampunk – the only limit is your imagination.

Open cupboards and/shelves

We spend a lot of money on kitchenware, so why should we bury away in cupboards and drawers? Open shelves let you showcase your utensils, your cookware, your serving plates, and more. You can even introduce non-kitchen memorabilia to the mix, like photos and antiques, to give your kitchen a truly eclectic feel.

If you’re planning to redesign your kitchen around granite worktops or quartz worktops, look no further. Get in touch with Modern Worktops today for a free, no-obligation quote